Camlin Economy range fountain pen is available in standard range of models to suit different writing needs.

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 Camlin Fountain pens are available in standard range of models to suit different writing needs.

Fountain pen model nos. from left to right:-

  1. Fountain Pen No. 22-R.
  2. Fountain Pen No. 3-R.
  3. Fountain Pen No. 8-R.
  4. Fountain Pen No. 11-R.
  5. Fountain Pen No. 2-R.
  6. Fountain Pen No. 21-R.
  7. Fountain Pen No. 6-R.
  8. Fountain Pen No. 4-R.
  9. Fountain Pen No. 47-P.
  10. Fountain Pen No. 25-Cute.
  11. Fountain Pen No. 18-R.
  12. Fountain Pen No. 36-R.
  13. Fountain Pen No. 9-R.
  14. Fountain Pen Sleek-P.
  15. Fountain Pen Mini.
  16. Fountain Pen Scholar.

From a company manufacturing ink powders in 1931 to a company manufacturing over 2000 products, operating in diverse fields, Camlin has come a long way. Dilip Dandekar is the CMD of Kokuyo Camlin, a name synonymous with Art Colours and Stationery in India which was started in 1931 during the Swadeshi Era and now has more than seven and half decades of technical expertise and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities spread across the country. Kokuyo Camlin ensures that its products are not only qualitative but are affordable to lowest strata of society or Indians below poverty line thereby not only making education affordable but supports the literacy drive of Govt. of India.



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