Write with style, use the best Cello Axis Mechanical Pencil. Feel the fun of even scribbling, experience the joy of writing with Cello Axis Mechanical Pencil. This Cello Pencil comes with the specifications that includes Opaque With Brand Foil, Grip and Nozzle Elasto Grip, Clip, Ring, Solid Plastic, Eraser On The Top With Transparent Cap.

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Refillable mechanical pencils.

100 % Quality tested.

Elasto grip.


Founded in 1995, Cello writing instruments entered into the classic ball pen market with a wide range of pens and two manufacturing facilities in India (Daman and Haridwar) and a workforce of around 10,000 people. 
Cello exploded Clear Pens with Swiss tips and German ink and changed forever the way pen ran on paper. 
The revolutionary new smear free, smooth flowing pen not just took the market by storm but marked a new era in writing instruments in India. Not too long after, the company unveiled two more models Prism and Crystal and with that what started as a mere 3-machine Company, took wings. 
Our hi-tech manufacturing plants at Daman roar day and night, spinning off millions of pens every day and our exhaustive quality control puts pens through some of the most demanding conditions before we consider a pen good enough to be called a Cello. We use the latest technologies from Japan and premium raw materials for our Gel ink. The Gel ink is filled by our super-sophisticated automatic filling machines with sensing devices of quality control, with inbuilt Feather Flo technology for a light-handed, pressure-free writing experience. 
With latest Polymers and the finest moulding machine for zero-defect injection moulding at a mass scale our processes ensure Cello's high quality. 
These processes are highly technical and continuously modified to meet the requirements of an increasingly diversified product line. Well-trained employees, a rigorous quality control system and a focus on continuous improvement by our Research & Development team, ensure a high level of product quality.
Every Cello pen passes a series of rigorous quality tests to qualify as a Cello



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