Contract Compliance Management

Explore full cycle contract management, governance and compliance


Greater focus on post-signature contracts management

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What happens to contracts post signature?

  • Do all stakeholders know their rights and obligations?
  • Can you see what was promised and what actually happenned related to contract clauses?
  • Can you accurately verify invoices with actual and contracted performance?

If your answer is 'No', you need CormSquare Contract Compliance Management Software, that can help in complete contract life-cycle management

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Contract Compliance Automation

Platform to automate post-signature management of contracts

Rights and Obligations

Extract your rights and obligation in a contract by translating clauses to actionable activities that require governance. They become the basis for managing performance, payments and compliance.

What Should Happen?

Translate actionable activities to standard project management entities namely the expected outcomes, person responsible, due dates, risks, dependancies and workflow controls. The captured activities are used to set expected performance levels

Compliance - What Happened?

Track actual performance of contract. Built-in performance capture software can be integrated with enterprise softwares. Supplier performances may also be captured by CormSquare Multi-Enterprise Platform. Use Contract compliance dashboard for governance standards, compliance levels and track actions.

Invoice Reconcilation

Automatically verify incoming invoices with what was expected to happen in contracts. Reconcile the data with performance measures captured through supplier self service portals. Integrate with flexible workflow approval system for automatic routing.

Extract full value from Contracts

Minimize revenue leakage and ensure 100% compliance.


Contract Clause Configurator

Extract your rights, obligations and apply standard project management tools to your clauses. You identify clearly defined activities, define acceptable outcomes, milestones, person responsible, dependancies and so on. Apply 100% supplier and contract governance standards, processes and bring them under management.

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Clause Performance Manager

Through a supplier self-service portal, track captured performance of rights and obligations and match with plan. This gives realtime visibility of supplier performance. Use built-in mathematical tools for easy validation of performance with plan. Integrate with flexible workflows and collaborate on the system for resolution of issues.

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Financial Analytics

Identify the financial impact of contract performance data, reconcile with invoices and see deep insights on different charges included in contract. Built-in workflow allows approvals from different stake-holders, so that you have fully automated system for invoice processes.

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