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Reduce costs, manage risks, improve visibility and controls

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Procure to Pay (P2P)

Procurement can be competitive advantage

With CormSquare eProcurement suite, procurement is brought under management with right controls. As you adopt eProcurement, you transform your procurement organization to be agile, compliant and is focused on right processes to reduce costs while managing risks.

  • Reduce costs
  • Manage risks while ensuring compliance
  • Improve visibility, control and management of spend
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Extract definate value from eProcurement

A technology solution with measurable results


User Experience

Success of your eProcurement software depends on supplier and employee adoption. This is where CormSquare eProcurement can deliver differentiated value. CormSquare makes it dead simple.
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Multi-Enterprise Architecture

Unique and extended Multi-Enterprise architecture enables higher collaboration between suppliers, procurement team and end users. Realtime status visibility, effective data capture and presentation to all stakeholders drive superior collaboration efficiencies.


Decision Support System

What kind of processes and controls in place to drive savings? CormSquare eProcurement enables better decisions on supplier selection, last purchase price, spend rationalization, and process compliance through analytics.

Open Platform

ERP Integration

CormSquare eProcurement may be integrated with ERP, CRM, Accounts Payable, Contract Management and other enterprise applications. Your entire organization, including extended supplier network may have access to same information, streamlining operations across affected functions

Most Comprehensive Features

Irrespective of what your organizational goal may be, we help realise maximum value.


Requisition Management

Requisition management, as part of CormSquare eProcurement suite helps in establishing fully streamlined and controlled requisition and eQuotation capture process, thereby minimizing maverick spends.

  • Receive, approve and verify electronic quotations. Suppliers submit quotes through a vendor portal.
  • Automatic comparison of quotations
  • Route quotations to a flexible workflow automation integrated to decision support system
  • Set up savings methods and create savings approval workflow.

CormSquare eProcurement suite provides rich set of single click features for fast and fully automated procurement process with decision support system that enables selection of right suppliers, right prices and with right terms.

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Auto-Negotiation and eAuctions

CormSquare eProcurement provides comprehensive electronic negotiation tools covering eAuctions for your direct purchases/large service contracts and Auto-Negotiation module for indirect purchases.

  • Powerful yet flexible Forward and Reverse Auction modules allow full suite of auctions.
  • Simple, smart but effective Auto-negotiation module that helps with low and mid-range purchase volumes.
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Digital Catalogues

CormSquare eProcurement provides full lifecycle catalogue management with ability to define detailed technical specification for products or services. These can later be used to create requisitions, compare quotations or for accepring material at gate.

  • Buyer's Standard Catalogue Master that can accommodate single line product catalogues to more comprehensive ones with detailed specifications.
  • Supplier Catalogues can be published to buyer product master using CormSquare standard catalogues or punch-out XML, cXML or OCI compliant catalogues.
  • Punchout Catalogue : During requisition process, buyers may be navigated to supplier punchout catalogue, where catalogues may be added to shopping cart for further RFQ processing within buyer portal.
    Suppliers may publish buyer specific punchout catalogues with buyer specific prices/terms.
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Vendor Portals

Supplier Information Management

CormSquare eProcurement suite offers self-service vendor portal that is designed with vendor user experience in mind. This ensures accuracy and efficiency in vendor onboarding, data capture and sustainance. System also claims very high adoption level due to simple user User-Centric design.

  • Faster Supplier On-boarding
  • Accurate and easy mantenance of supplier data
  • Customize and configure supplier audit requirements
  • Flexible workflow integration for approvals
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