Multi-Enterprise Supply Chain

Single version of "truth" across your supply network


Multi-Enterprise aware technology to transform supply chain collaboration beyond four walls of Enterprise to include suppliers

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Beyond ERP

Is your ERP good enough?

Your ERP has delivered efficiencies within four walls of your organization. They are single enterprise applications. However, most of your business are conducted outside with suppliers, trading partners, OEMS, contract manufacturers and so on.
Your ERP limits your ability to gain critical insights from outside the company.

  • Overwhelmed by phone calls, emails and paperwork with suppliers?
  • Difficulty is getting clear status of purchases or service contracts?
  • Unsure of the availability of material on time and it's impact?
  • Able to make alternate plans well in advance?
  • Have all the information to verify correctness of invoices?

Then, You need Multi-Enterprise technology.

  • Gain realtime visibility of order execution status, be it product or service
  • Smart alerts and notifications
  • End to end business process optimization and real-time workflows
  • Set 'what-if' business-logic better control of supply-chain
  • Fast, easy and well controlled network supplier onboarding
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Open up to CormSquare Multi-Enterprise Platform

Thinking beyond ERP to larger network of suppliers, trading partners, contracts manufacturers, service providers etc


Cloud based Supply Chain Network

A cloud based business network that combines the capabilities of multiple enterprises, supplier networks to generate superior capabilities. It connects enterprises in a way that reduces time, cost and risk, transforming entire network to be highly agile.


Automated Transactions

Transform your transaction processing with multi-enterprise data interoperability, data reconcilation, document sharing, acknowledgement/approvals etc. It is the only platform with ability to automate and manage multi-enterprise transactions easily.


Flatten your supply-chain

With Multi-Enterprise Platform, achieve transparency and frictionless data flow between you and your suppliers. Suddenly it is lot easier to drive actions, reviews, approvals, acknowledgements, followups and notifications with suppliers .


New Possibilities

Combine with other business suites like eProcurement, Unified Procurement Operations and Contracts Management for fully streamlined and highly effective organization.

Unleash the power of your Supply Chian Network

A lot more can be accomplished with your suppliers and partners with CormSquare Multi-Enterprise Technology.


Performance Manager

A comprehensive view of transactions, events, service progress, KPIs, issues or any business process element extending to your supplier network. A smart, configurable and real-time module provides realistic insights of supply-chain, be it status of purchase orders, contract manufacturing, dependancies or progress of service execution.
You have information and levers you need at your fingure-tips.

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Supplier Relationship Management

Self-service Vendor Portals

Members of business network, namely your suppliers get access to self service vendor portals. A comprehensive portal allows members to manage entire activities of supply-chain like transaction updates, status updates, smart views and managing data.
Exercise greater agility and control by connecting your business processes with suppliers self service portal and aggregating data across multiple vendor portals

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Business Logic Engine

CormSquare Multi-Enterprise Platform provides Business logic engine to operate and control your supply-chain processes. You can set up events, monitor transactions, KPIs, configure thresholds, define notifications, alerts and closely control the network transaction.
A comprehensive "what-if" scenario planning configarator and notification engine allows you to focus on important tasks that demand attention.

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Reports and Analytics

CormSquare Multi-Enterprise Platform provides comprehensive suite of analytics and reporting options. You can run your queries across multiple enterprise data sources and extract truly actionable insights on operating your supply-chain.

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