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Closely track and control your spend

With CormSquare Spend Management software, you can not only monitor your spend in real time, but also control your spend by accessing spend information within transaction approval processes. Advanced analytics helps identify potential opportunities for product/service rationalization, supplier rationalization and demand aggregation. You can also run savings projects with clearly established process and approval workflows

  • Product/Service and supplier rationalization opportunities
  • Purchase price intelligence
  • Demand aggregation
  • Configure, deploy and manage saving projects
  • Integrated with workflow
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Spend visibility, insights with actionable data

Focus on right spend decisions backed by technology


Easy Setup

Use CormSquare Spend Management software to flexibly set up your organization structure, departments, projects, work-breakdown IDs and assign budgets. The budget data can be imported in standard formats as well


Spend Tracking

CormSquare Spend Management software integrates with eProcurement workflows and decision support packages. As requisitions are routed for approvals, budget data is presented for easy tracking and compilation.


Analytics and Reports

CormSquare Spend Management reporting tool provides insights of your spend patterns and helps identify opportunities for rationalization. You can set up alerts and notification so you know if something is not progressing as planned


Savings Projects Management

Savings Projects Management can be integrated with eProcurement and can help set up savings projects, assign milestones, people responsible with clear KPIs and can track savings. It is integrated with work approvals so that the procurement and finance are on same page with savings data