Digitize and Automate your Procurement


Explore the e-procurement hub. Manage your RFQs, quotes, PO’s & approvals in a simple, yet powerful way


Discover market driven price. Create the most competitive bidding process & unlock your potential with E-Auction .

Supplier Management

Build your organizational capability. Expand your network. Procure More! .

Product Digital Catalogue

Supplier-managed & buyer-controlled catalogue, with a rich user interface equipped by a sophisticated purchasing module .

Spend Management

Reform your budget and stay connected with the suppliers. Track your expenditure & get linked with the purchase process. .


Get free access to tens of thousands of manufacturers and distributors data. .

Messaging & Negotiation

Exchange messages with thousands of our verified suppliers. Request for Quote. Negotiate and Close.

Reporting & Analytics

Get insights of your procurement with actionable intelligence and avail a rich set of reports and analysis. Accelerate your business!

Basic eProcurement – QuotePad Pro

Make procurement easier now with our basic eProcurement module exclusively designed for SMEs! Shake hand with CormSquare’s SmartPurchase and say goodbye to mismanaged & misplaced paper contracts and risks. Digitize your invoice and purchase – store them in the cloud. Create RFQs, receive & compare quotes, collaborate with suppliers through messaging and step in to the marketplace globally.

E-Quote Management

Explore the cutting-edge technology that allows you to track suppliers and quotations within few clicks. Fasten yourself to experience the fastest E-Quote Management Module.

Advance Tracking

Create. Track. Close. CormSquare’s advanced tracking system allows you to track quotations, PO’s, invoices under the roof of quote pad pro suite.

Vendor Management

Get smart. Live more, Procure less! Manage your suppliers with free mini vendor management system and stay informed through-out the contract cycle with handy dashboards and configurable reports. Keep track of all your RFQs!

Easy Negotiations

Smoothen the negotiation process with ease with CormSquare’s advanced negotiating tools. Discuss specifications and trade terms directly with verified suppliers!

Advanced eProcurement – ProcNext 2.0

Full version eProcurement suite for your company

  • Advanced eProcurement
  • Next gen E-auction
  • Innovative Supplier Management
  • Get Digital Product Catalogues
  • Analytical Spend Management
  • A hub of verified suppliers- Marketplace
  • Request for Quote, negotiate & close- Messaging & Negotiation
  • Be that smart one! Prepare your own ready to use templates
  • Manage and Streamline your Workflow
  • Customised roles & privileges for buyers
  • Reporting & Analytics

Assisted Purchase

How about remote purchase officer assist with your purchase?

    Buyers may raise an RFQ at portal, it takes less than a minute

    We search for suppliers matching your needs, We present 3 quotes

    Use CormSquare portal to manage purchase, like answering supplier questions (through chat), compare quotes, negotiate, generate PO, invoice etc with single click

    Why Use CormSquare Smart Purchase?

    It Makes your Procurement Efficient..!

    Your procurement activities like RFQs, quotes, answering suppliers, managing catalogs, suppliers, setting up tenders, e-auctions can be tedious.

    CormSquare SmartPurchase enables completely digital procurement, automating and simplifying process and saving time and effort


    It Saves Money..!!!

    Set up collaborative procurement with virtual purchase community driving costs further down triggered by economy of scale advantage

    CormSquare SmartPurchase enables virtual community collaboration with no effort, in a secure and private setup


    It Reduces Prices..!!

    CormSquare SmartPurchase drives lower prices through fair competition expanded to suppliers at marketplace. It enables smart and effective negotiation through semi-automatic triggers to suppliers


    It’s Transparent and Neutral

    It is neutral and private marketplace..Set up completely transparent communication, negotiation and price discovery system

    CormSquare SmartPurchase software algorithms help discover right products, at right prices and from right suppliers

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