Tulsyan Group of Industries

Contact Person

: Kirubanandan Venkatachalam


: Director

Average Lead Time


Business Type

: manufacturer, importer

Number Of Employees

: People

Sales/Tax No.


Year of Estd.

: 1938

Main Market Sectors


Main Products

: Sack Kraft Paper, Personal Grooming Products import and trading, Miscellaneous Vegetables import and trading, Iron, Steel and Plastic import and trading, s, Duplex / Corrugated Boxes, Industrial Cotton Gloves, Biscuits, Leather Goods, Re-Rolled Iron and Steel Products., Metal Cans manufacturing and exports, Plastic Containers, HDPE / PP Woven Bag, Reality Development, Wind Mills, Medical Transcription, Cold Storage Warehouses, Rice Mills, Converting and Flexible Packaging, Green Power Generation, Miscellaneous Retail

Production Capacity


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About Company

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Tulsyan Group of Industries


: tulsyanindia@tulsyanindia.com


: India




: Bangalore